Homemade Paleo Foods and Even Salad Dressing?

I know a lot of people when they start out doing the paleo diet just do not know what they can eat. I have heard of people calling themselves paleo and they are still eating green beans!! They wonder why they still do not feel as good or have joint pain. I have to admit I was once that guy too. Whenever you finally do become full on paleo you will tell a huge difference in how you feel. Also, that is when you will start to see a change in the mirror too. I am not saying to go ahead and go cold turkey paleo. Sometimes people need that lead up to slowly take things out of your diet. It is like when you detox pretty much. After you do paleo for awhile your body will be so clean. It will be a like someone who had to get p-sure synthetic urine to pass a drug test. 

It may take a month or two to really get into full on paleo. If you have to slowly remove foods from your diet that is fine. You will get to where you need to be in time. It can be hard to stop having a coke, chips, or salad dressing with your meals. You will learn you can make a lot of your foods homemade. You can even make some homemade paleo salad dressing!

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